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Contrib: vim syntax, listen option and SSL/Mail protocol keywords. othree 3 years ago
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1212 syn match ngxVariableBlock '\$\(\w\+\|{\w\+}\)' contained
1313 syn match ngxVariableString '\$\(\w\+\|{\w\+}\)' contained
1414 syn region ngxBlock start=+^+ end=+{+ skip=+\${+ contains=ngxComment,ngxDirectiveBlock,ngxVariableBlock,ngxString oneline
15 syn region ngxString start=+\z(["']\)+ end=+\z1+ skip=+\\\\\|\\\z1+ contains=ngxVariableString
15 syn region ngxString start=+[^:a-zA-Z>!\\@]\z(["']\)+lc=1 end=+\z1+ skip=+\\\\\|\\\z1+ contains=ngxVariableString
1616 syn match ngxComment ' *#.*$'
1818 syn keyword ngxBoolean on
3636 syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant root
3737 syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant server
3838 syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant server_name
39 syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant listen
39 syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant listen contained
40 syn region ngxDirectiveImportantListen matchgroup=ngxDirectiveImportant start=+listen+ skip=+\\\\\|\\\;+ end=+;+he=e-1 contains=ngxListenOptions,ngxString
4041 syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant internal
4142 syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant proxy_pass
4243 syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant memcached_pass
4445 syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant scgi_pass
4546 syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant uwsgi_pass
4647 syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant try_files
49 syn keyword ngxListenOptions default_server contained
50 syn keyword ngxListenOptions ssl contained
51 syn keyword ngxListenOptions http2 contained
52 syn keyword ngxListenOptions spdy contained
53 syn keyword ngxListenOptions proxy_protocol contained
54 syn keyword ngxListenOptions setfib contained
55 syn keyword ngxListenOptions fastopen contained
56 syn keyword ngxListenOptions backlog contained
57 syn keyword ngxListenOptions rcvbuf contained
58 syn keyword ngxListenOptions sndbuf contained
59 syn keyword ngxListenOptions accept_filter contained
60 syn keyword ngxListenOptions deferred contained
61 syn keyword ngxListenOptions bind contained
62 syn keyword ngxListenOptions ipv6only contained
63 syn keyword ngxListenOptions reuseport contained
64 syn keyword ngxListenOptions so_keepalive contained
65 syn keyword ngxListenOptions keepidle contained
4867 syn keyword ngxDirectiveControl break
4968 syn keyword ngxDirectiveControl return
266285 syn keyword ngxDirective post_acceptex
267286 syn keyword ngxDirective postpone_gzipping
268287 syn keyword ngxDirective postpone_output
269 syn keyword ngxDirective protocol
288 syn keyword ngxDirective protocol nextgroup=ngxMailProtocol skipwhite
289 syn keyword ngxMailProtocol imap pop3 smtp contained
270290 syn keyword ngxDirective proxy
271291 syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_bind
272292 syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_buffer
315335 syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_ssl_ciphers
316336 syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_ssl_crl
317337 syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_ssl_name
318 syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_ssl_protocols
338 syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_ssl_protocols nextgroup=ngxSSLProtocol skipwhite
319339 syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_ssl_server_name
320340 syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_ssl_session_reuse
321341 syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_ssl_trusted_certificate
424444 syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_engine
425445 syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_password_file
426446 syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_prefer_server_ciphers
427 syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_protocols
447 syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_protocols nextgroup=ngxSSLProtocol skipwhite
448 syn keyword ngxSSLProtocol SSLv2 SSLv3 TLSv1 TLSv1.1 TLSv1.2 contained nextgroup=ngxSSLProtocol skipwhite
428449 syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_session_cache
429450 syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_session_ticket_key
430451 syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_session_tickets
499520 syn keyword ngxDirective uwsgi_ssl_ciphers
500521 syn keyword ngxDirective uwsgi_ssl_crl
501522 syn keyword ngxDirective uwsgi_ssl_name
502 syn keyword ngxDirective uwsgi_ssl_protocols
523 syn keyword ngxDirective uwsgi_ssl_protocols nextgroup=ngxSSLProtocol skipwhite
503524 syn keyword ngxDirective uwsgi_ssl_server_name
504525 syn keyword ngxDirective uwsgi_ssl_session_reuse
505526 syn keyword ngxDirective uwsgi_ssl_trusted_certificate
832853 hi link ngxDirective Identifier
833854 hi link ngxDirectiveThirdParty Special
856 hi link ngxListenOptions Keyword
857 hi link ngxMailProtocol Keyword
858 hi link ngxSSLProtocol Keyword
835860 let b:current_syntax = "nginx"