Klaus Demo nginx / 27b9a05
Merge of r4461: upstream: fixed "too big header" check. If header filter postponed processing of a header by returning NGX_AGAIN and not moved u->buffer->pos, previous check incorrectly assumed there is additional space and did another recv() with zero-size buffer. This resulted in "upstream prematurely closed connection" error instead of correct "upstream sent too big header" one. Patch by Feibo Li. Maxim Dounin 8 years ago
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15611561 if (rc == NGX_AGAIN) {
1563 if (u->buffer.pos == u->buffer.end) {
1563 if (u->buffer.last == u->buffer.end) {
15641564 ngx_log_error(NGX_LOG_ERR, c->log, 0,
15651565 "upstream sent too big header");