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Range filter: protect from total size overflows. The overflow can be used to circumvent the restriction on total size of ranges introduced in c2a91088b0c0 (1.1.2). Additionally, overflow allows producing ranges with negative start (such ranges can be created by using a suffix, "bytes=-100"; normally this results in 200 due to the total size check). These can result in the following errors in logs: [crit] ... pread() ... failed (22: Invalid argument) [alert] ... sendfile() failed (22: Invalid argument) When using cache, it can be also used to reveal cache file header. It is believed that there are no other negative effects, at least with standard nginx modules. In theory, this can also result in memory disclosure and/or segmentation faults if multiple ranges are allowed, and the response is returned in a single in-memory buffer. This never happens with standard nginx modules though, as well as known 3rd party modules. Fix is to properly protect from possible overflow when incrementing size. Maxim Dounin 2 years ago
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376376 range->start = start;
377377 range->end = end;
379 if (size > NGX_MAX_OFF_T_VALUE - (end - start)) {
381 }
379383 size += end - start;
381385 if (ranges-- == 0) {