Klaus Demo nginx / e825598
HTTP/2: fixed stream finalization. In order to finalize stream the error flag is set on fake connection and either "write" or "read" event handler is called. The read events of fake connections are always ready, but it's not the case with the write events. When the ready flag isn't set, the error flag can be not checked in some cases and as a result stream isn't finalized. Now the ready flag is explicilty set on write events for proper finalization in all cases. Valentin Bartenev 3 years ago
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42664266 if (stream->queued) {
42674267 stream->queued = 0;
42684269 ev = fc->write;
4270 ev->active = 0;
4271 ev->ready = 1;
42704273 } else {
42714274 ev = fc->read;