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Tree @1.0 (Download .tar.gz)

bjoern: Fast And Ultra Lightweight Asynchronous WSGI Server

sudo pip install bjoern

A screamingly fast, ultra-lightweight asynchronous WSGI server for CPython, written in C using Marc Lehmann's high performance libev event loop and Ryan Dahl's http_parser.

bjoern aims to be small, lightweight and very fast.

  • less than 800 SLOC (Source Lines Of Code)
  • memory footprint smaller than a megabyte
  • no threads, coroutines or other crap
  • apparently the fastest WSGI server out there
  • 100% WSGI compliant (except for the write callback design mistake)

But what about...


Sucks. Really, the code is an incredible mess. It likes to segfault.

I tried to patch Fapws so that it would support threading, but after about two hours of brain slime feeling, I decided to write my own WSGI server -- "Fapws done right".


bjoern is about 5 times faster. Plus gunicorn is too much bloated.


Awesome project, but way too much bloat.


Unfortunately now bloated with gunicorn and coroutine/greenlet crap, seemed to be a very nice server at first.


Probably too much bloat, too slow, does not scale, buggy, ...