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 * Copyright (C) Igor Sysoev


#include <ngx_config.h>
#include <ngx_core.h>

 * NGX_MAX_ALLOC_FROM_POOL should be (ngx_pagesize - 1), i.e. 4095 on x86.
 * On FreeBSD 5.x it allows to use the zero copy sending.
 * On Windows NT it decreases a number of locked pages in a kernel.
#define NGX_MAX_ALLOC_FROM_POOL  (ngx_pagesize - 1)

#define NGX_DEFAULT_POOL_SIZE    (16 * 1024)
#define NGX_MIN_POOL_SIZE                                                     \
    (sizeof(ngx_pool_t) + 2 * sizeof(ngx_pool_large_t))

typedef void (*ngx_pool_cleanup_pt)(void *data);

typedef struct ngx_pool_cleanup_s  ngx_pool_cleanup_t;

struct ngx_pool_cleanup_s {
    ngx_pool_cleanup_pt   handler;
    void                 *data;
    ngx_pool_cleanup_t   *next;

typedef struct ngx_pool_large_s  ngx_pool_large_t;

struct ngx_pool_large_s {
    ngx_pool_large_t     *next;
    void                 *alloc;

struct ngx_pool_s {
    u_char               *last;
    u_char               *end;
    ngx_pool_t           *current;
    ngx_chain_t          *chain;
    ngx_pool_t           *next;
    ngx_pool_large_t     *large;
    ngx_pool_cleanup_t   *cleanup;
    ngx_log_t            *log;

typedef struct {
    ngx_fd_t              fd;
    u_char               *name;
    ngx_log_t            *log;
} ngx_pool_cleanup_file_t;

void *ngx_alloc(size_t size, ngx_log_t *log);
void *ngx_calloc(size_t size, ngx_log_t *log);

ngx_pool_t *ngx_create_pool(size_t size, ngx_log_t *log);
void ngx_destroy_pool(ngx_pool_t *pool);

void *ngx_palloc(ngx_pool_t *pool, size_t size);
void *ngx_pcalloc(ngx_pool_t *pool, size_t size);
ngx_int_t ngx_pfree(ngx_pool_t *pool, void *p);

ngx_pool_cleanup_t *ngx_pool_cleanup_add(ngx_pool_t *p, size_t size);
void ngx_pool_cleanup_file(void *data);
void ngx_pool_delete_file(void *data);

#endif /* _NGX_PALLOC_H_INCLUDED_ */