Klaus Demo nginx / 097b112
Configure: added explicit ngx_binext to the linker output argument. Unlike with GCC or MSVC, Clang linker doesn't auto-append ".exe" to the name of the output binary when building on win32. Sergey Kandaurov 3 years ago
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228228 binary: $NGX_OBJS${ngx_dirsep}nginx$ngx_binext
230230 $NGX_OBJS${ngx_dirsep}nginx$ngx_binext: $ngx_deps$ngx_spacer
231 \$(LINK) $ngx_long_start$ngx_binout$NGX_OBJS${ngx_dirsep}nginx$ngx_long_cont$ngx_objs$ngx_libs$ngx_link$ngx_main_link
231 \$(LINK) $ngx_long_start$ngx_binout$NGX_OBJS${ngx_dirsep}nginx$ngx_binext$ngx_long_cont$ngx_objs$ngx_libs$ngx_link$ngx_main_link
232232 $ngx_rcc
233233 $ngx_long_end