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Removed glibc crypt_r() bug workaround (ticket #1469). The bug in question was fixed in glibc 2.3.2 and is no longer expected to manifest itself on real servers. On the other hand, the workaround causes compilation problems on various systems. Previously, we've already fixed the code to compile with musl libc (fd6fd02f6a4d), and now it is broken on Fedora 28 where glibc's crypt library was replaced by libxcrypt. So the workaround was removed. Maxim Dounin 4 years ago
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2020 struct crypt_data cd;
2222 cd.initialized = 0;
23 #ifdef __GLIBC__
24 /* work around the glibc bug */
25 cd.current_salt[0] = ~salt[0];
26 #endif
2824 value = crypt_r((char *) key, (char *) salt, &cd);