Klaus Demo nginx / 7ca2e6d
Merge of r4758: win32: fixed cpu hog after process startup failure. If ngx_spawn_process() failed while starting a process, the process handle was closed but left non-NULL in the ngx_processes[] array. The handle later was used in WaitForMultipleObjects() (if there were multiple worker processes configured and at least one worker process was started successfully), resulting in infinite loop. Reported by Ricardo Villalobos Guevara: http://mailman.nginx.org/pipermail/nginx-devel/2012-July/002494.html Maxim Dounin 9 years ago
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196196 if (ngx_processes[s].handle) {
197197 ngx_close_handle(ngx_processes[s].handle);
198 ngx_processes[s].handle = NULL;
198199 }
200201 return NGX_INVALID_PID;