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klaus: a simple Git web viewer that Just Works™.

(If it doesn't Just Work for you, please file a bug.)


  • Super easy to set up -- no configuration required
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Git Smart HTTP support

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Who is using it?

Standard installations:
Forks/related projects:
  • GikiLog, blog/wiki hybrid based on klaus


pip install klaus


Using the klaus script

NOTE: This is intended for testing/low-traffic local installations only! The klaus script uses wsgiref internally which doesn't scale at all (in fact it's single-threaded and non-asynchronous).

To run klaus using the default options:

klaus [repo1 [repo2 ...]]

For more options, see:

klaus --help

Using a real server

The klaus module contains a make_app function which returns a WSGI app.

An example WSGI helper script is provided with klaus (see klaus/wsgi.py), configuration being read from environment variables. Use it like this (uWSGI example):

uwsgi -w klaus.wsgi \
      --env KLAUS_SITE_TITLE="Klaus Demo" \
      --env KLAUS_REPOS="/path/to/repo1 /path/to/repo2 ..." \